Cat Tower

How big a scratching post should I get for my cat?

This depends on the age of your cat. It is easier to scratch and play with when he's young, so you want him to have an opportunity to do that in his youth. However, if your kitten outgrows it quickly (typically around 12 months), then you may need to replace it sooner than originally planned. Scratching posts usually come pre-treated with a disinfectant and some will include grooming tools like claws, combs, etc. If your kitty isn't interested in it any more, it might want a new one?

How do I clean a cat tower?

  • To remove built up dirt or other debris, start at the top and gently use a brush to sweep away anything stuck inside. Or pull off as much of the wall covering as possible, which will expose all kinds of nooks, crannies, and crevices where a little dust builds up over time. A spray bottle filled with cleaning solution could be helpful here.
  • Be sure to rinse very well afterwards to make sure there are no toxins left behind.

How do I make sure my cat is safe around a cat tower?

Also look into purchasing special products designed specifically for keeping cats safe from falling objects—they'll help prevent them from jumping too high because they can easily damage their backs if not careful enough.

What are some of the features of a cat tower?

  • Safety —they help protect pets by protecting against accidental injuries due to falls with multiple tiers and cushioning. They aren’t just pieces of furniture; rather they act as a deterrent as well as providing additional safety measures.
  • Comfort —cat towers provide excellent visual stimulation since they allow you to watch your pet while also offering it plenty of places to hang out.
  • Perches, Hammocks and Condos, oh my!

What can I get my cat together with a cat tower?

  • Dog house/dog bed: Some dog houses incorporate elements such as hammock style beds to encourage lounging. These houses are great alternatives for outdoor cats who prefer indoor activities but still enjoy getting outdoors occasionally. Dogs and cats alike tend to love these things.
  • Troughs & Feeders: Most cats love running water and having access to food bowls—and this includes troughs that contain both food and access to liquid. There are many different designs available and they often offer your cat easy access. Plus, most require minimal maintenance.

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