E-Book Reader

He bought me an e-book reader for Christmas. Yes, he bought me a Kindle, because he likes to be with the me who reads. I love reading. Books are for me, but I also like to look at them. I love sitting down with a stack of books and having them all around me, all the time.

E-books on the other hand are more portable. All I have to do is tap the screen and I have my book right there. I can't leave it lying around, but I can take it with me when I go to the beach or to the park, and even when I'm out in the wilderness. It will even cast a light on the pages for me. It's almost magical.

My husband is a fan of e-books as well. He has bought me books for holidays, or for when I'm on a road trip. He's not a bookworm like me, so I'm always a little surprised when he asks me what I'm reading.

The problem is that he has a total aversion to buying big books. He hates the process. He hates the fancy covers. He hates the slow delivery and the waiting around. He doesn't like to wait. He likes to get things now. He's like a cat with a laser pointer.

He told me that he's been using e-books as a way of saving space and making his environment less busy. I told him that I didn't mind, even if I like the physical book more.

But it's becoming a problem. Once you get to a certain points all these books are a real physical burden. It's a mental burden as well. When I have a pile of books I don't have to think about what I'm reading. I just pick one and read. When there's a stack, the thoughts and feelings about the job I'm doing, or about the people I'm spending time with, all get muddled. There's no focus.

That's why I like my e-book reader. I can hide things away and it's a clarity of mind. I love having books around me. But as I get older I'm starting to appreciate a clarity of mind and space even more so. It's what I missed when I was a child. It's what I missed when I was growing up.

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