LED light strings

Who might want LED string lights?

In all around the world, different people decorate their houses, restaurants and other buildings with LED strings that are part of a lighting system. They may have Christmas lights although this is not the main use. They may use them for special events or for a daily decoration. Besides looking very attractive, they also consume much less electricity.

What are the different kinds of LED string lights?

There are several kinds of LED string lights. LED panel lights, LED strips and LED lights that look like strings. Each kind has its own characteristics and it is important to take this into account when choosing and purchasing it.

What is a panel light?

Panel lights are lights flat and rectangular. They are placed on a table or a stand and they are designed to be used with Christmas tree or other decorations. They are available in several sizes and can be used with one or more colors. They are a great alternative to bead lights.

What are LED strips?

LED strips are long string with LEDs on them. They can be placed on anything that will not be touched by a hand, a string can be wrapped around the tree for example. They may be used in numerous ways, but they are usually for decorative purposes.

What are the characteristics of an LED light string?

LED lights that look like string, are available in different sizes and styles. They may be used as decoration in your house or in the garden.

They can be put in different ways: they can be used middle of a tree, on a post or on a stand. They can be decorated with a string, with string or with a chain. They can be hanged or placed in a stand.

How much power do LED light strings use?

LED lights that look like strings, use less energy than regular lights and they use less electricity. They last for years, consume very little energy and don't produce any noise.

What are the advantages of LED lights that look like string?

In addition to the fact that they consume less energy, they are practical and they last on a long time. They are also very versatile since they can be used in very many places.

Are LED lights that look like strings eco-friendly?

LED lights that look like the lights are eco-friendly because they produce little or no waste.

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