The magic of a large mirror

My mother said that when she was young, the large mirror used to intimidate her, and she believed that having one in the bathroom made her feel like she was taking a shower in front of her whole family. This threw her into a state of shock when she became a young woman and realized she could actually take a look at herself in the full-length mirror and feel empowered and proud of her body. This was a huge relief and something she appreciated very much.

She's told me that she didn't use a mirror in her bathroom for six years. This was until she started going to the gym, and she was suddenly looking at herself in her full-length mirror on a regular basis. This was a great shock for her, and it was even more of a shock when she realized she could see and touch her entire body in the mirror.

The magic of a small mirror

While I never found a clear answer, I do believe that a small mirror in my bedroom has a major effect on my stress levels and the way I live. It has also been an ingredient of my beauty regime.

For a long time that I am afraid to say, I used to keep the mirror (again, what can I say, I am a lazy girl) on the bedside table. And, as you can tell, I am a red-headed lazy lady. I started to see the mirror as a waste of space. Then one day I started to place it in various places. I put the mirror on my nightstand, I moved it to my wardrobe, I put it on the bathroom shelf, on my desk or on the counter.

Of course, I never really looked at it. I just felt that the mirror was a waste of space.

After I started using it every day for a couple of months, I started to see it differently. Even with just this tiny mirror, randomly placed somewhere else each day I started feeling as if I was being watched by various facets of myself. I started to check myself and study my hair, skin, clothes and makeup. And I also started to notice that I have more energy. There are moments when I don't feel tired and some days I realize that I never stopped to have a glance at the mirror.

I guess that I started to see it as a reason to live in a new way. Some weeks I look at the mirror every day. Some days, I turn to my friends and tell them that I am so happy to see myself. I look at my reflection and I tell them that I look younger. I take a look at my reflection and I tell them that I am pretty. And I am pretty. I tell them I look amazing. I look at myself and I tell them that they need to see how beautiful I am.

The end result is that the mirror has become an ingredient of my life.

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