Neck Massager

What is a Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is a special form of massage which uses pressure and the manipulation of joints. It is performed on the body by touching with the thumbs, fingers and knuckles. This produces deep pressure which allows a person to relax more fully than their body might otherwise allow. Shiatsu massage is performed on the feet, hands, arms, torso and neck.

It is particularly useful for those suffering from stress, tension, depression and other emotional problems, as well as those suffering from musculoskeletal ailments such as arthritis, fibrositis or lower back pain.

How do I use an electric neck massager?

  • Sit relax throughout treatment, but don't stay fixed here too long.
  • Keep all movements gentle as there can be some discomfort after initial release of tension.
  • Adjust the intensity so you are barely uncomfortable at first. You may want to use a light/medium setting initially, depending upon your level of sensitivity / tolerance to discomfort (for example: if, like me, you have sensitive tendons in your shoulders - start out using a slight touch). If it hurts just move on to milder settings where you feel comfortable! And take care not to put yourself under any undue strain.
  • After 5-10 minutes switch off again and rest until feeling relaxed.

Should I use the heat function on my electric neck massager?

Yes! Heat therapy has been proven to help release muscle spasm and improve blood flow in tissues that has become tense over time. Studies also show that this type of stimulation improves lymphatic drainage & circulation and provides relief of chronic inflammation.

As we age our bodies suffer greater amounts of stiffness due to degeneration and tissue damage. Using a heated device will make both relaxation and stimulating effects much stronger as these areas of the muscles receive increased blood supply and lymphatic drainage. Also try moving your head around slightly during each session instead of staying still. The effect should last longer & reduce tiredness more effectively.

Note : Electric heating elements must always be kept away from water sources. Never place anything directly onto skin unless advised by manufacturer's instructions.

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