Pressure Cleaner

What are the best pressure cleaner brands?

  • Karcher
  • Bosch
  • Gerni
  • Ryobi

How do I use a pressure cleaner?

Find a spot that you want to clean, power on your pressure cleaner, spray it on the spot you want to clean, and let it work its magic. It's as simple as that.

How fast does it spray?

If you need to clean a section of driveway in time for your family to come for dinner, you'll need a pressure cleaner that can spray at a steady pace. If you have a bit of extra time and need to get a spot cleaned right away, you can try one of the pressure washers that can spray faster.

What should I look for in a pressure cleaner?

The first thing that you'll need to look for in a pressure cleaner is how powerful it is. A pressure cleaner is like a hose extruder. If you were to fill a hose with water and then squirt it out, it would squirt out in great bursts. A pressure cleaner works the same way.

The second thing you'd look for is the spray head. The spray head is the part of the pressure cleaner that you use to spray the cleaner onto your surface. The spray head is shaped and sized like a garden hose nozzle, so it's easy to spray cleaner onto your driveway, sidewalk, or deck.

How do I know which types of pressure cleaner are best?

Pressure cleaners come in two different types. Traditional pressure cleaners use water to spray cleaner onto your surface. The other type of pressure cleaner uses a chemical, like a solution of water and mineral spirits, to spray cleaner onto your surface.

How do I stay safe around pressure cleaners?

The first thing to know is that pressure cleaners are powerful. The amount of water or chemical that the pressure cleaner sprays onto your surface can leave a mark, so be careful when using a pressure cleaner.

What can I do to help the environment?

You can use a pressure cleaner to help the environment by minimizing the amount of cleaner you spray onto your surface.

Can I use a pressure cleaner on concrete?

Yes, you can use a pressure cleaner to clean concrete.

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