Weighted Blanket

She got me a weighted blanket. Because of her friend and her sensory issues. It was been great for the level of anxiety I've been feeling because the weight blanket allows me to lie down and focus on myself and not have to worry about meeting other people's expectations or what they think or feel.

I've been resting so much better since she got me that weight blanket because I was so stressed out all the time. And also because she made it a conversation with my mom, I told her I was stressed out, and she researched the weighted blanket to make sure it was something that I would find useful.

It feels like I'm being hugged all the time, being under this blanked feels like I'm removed from existing in this world, I can just be myself, existing in this world. It's so wonderful.

I wish I would've gotten one sooner in life. When I was little I remember trying to fall asleep, and I remember having so much anxiety about what if I'm not breathing properly I'm not breathing in the right way. I remember being afraid of that. Because of my asthma I was terrified, I used to get so anxious about what if I'm not breathing in the right way, I was so scared. And I'd like to have a blanket to keep me warm.

And they did. Over the years the number and size of pillows on our bed increased, but since getting the weighted blanket, they've almost all gone into the closet. The first night of using, I was so shocked at how much it helped. I can't think of a different time where somebody had done something so nice for me, especially when I was in a situation where I was having trouble sleeping. I'm so grateful.

It allows you to breathe more easily and just feel calmer. In getting it she was trying to tell me that she loves me, because she knows how much anxiety I have.

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